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Waste Plastics & Synthetic Fuels

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A new plant which turns mixed waste plastics into liquid synthetic fuels is now fully operational, with the promise of similar plants to come in the next year in North American and throughout Europe. This is the 7th of such designs installed and used by PPP which can process over 50 tonnes of waste plastics per day, producing up to 38,000 litres of fuel products at a conversion rate of approximately 95%. The plant uses a technology involving low temperature pyrolysis and distillation to liquefy the plastics, ordinarily destined for landfill, into ultra-low sulfur hydrocarbon fuels which are less harmful to the environment than standard petroleum based diesel.

“PPP is targeting the diversion from landfill, working with mixed waste plastics from waste management companies, agricultural plastics collectors and commercial businesses. It’s a simple process, it’s not rocket science, we take in the mixed waste plastics, produce fuel and sell the fuel. Our plan now is to roll plants out in other places around the globe, rapidly as we enter into serial production mode. We are now aggressively building out projects for plant applications in the European and North American market places.

Currently, the fuel produced at various plants is sold in to large fuel distribution companies for blending or with minor modifications client specific fuel products can be produced. However, the plan for the future is to co-locate such plants alongside existing waste management facilities as part of a joint venture with commercial waste operators. Using this model we add tremendous value and by each integrated solution these plants would be able to use existing waste plastic at these locations as feedstock with the fuel product produced being used as a primary energy source for machinery and vehicles with in the fence of the same facility, greatly reducing resource costs and CO2 emissions.

PPP is already in negotiations with several companies regarding our roll out plans and intends to get the next few plants up and running in North America and Europe before the end of the year. The current role out plan is nearly 100 facilities throughout Europe and North America using a serial production system over the next decade. With an aligned, aggressive joint venture strategy which would mean a landfill diversion of over 500,000 tonnes per annum and a production rate of over 500 million litres of synthetic fuels.

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